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Dust Halo

Universal Dual Port Dust Halo – a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize dust containment and elevate your project experience. Here's an in-depth look at its standout features and benefits:

  1. **Versatile Fit:** No more worries about bucket compatibility. The Universal Dual Port Dust Halo boasts a clever universal design that seamlessly fits buckets ranging from 3.5 to 16 gallons. No matter the size of your project, this innovation has you covered.

  2. **Optimal Performance:** Get ready to witness a new standard in dust extraction performance. Equipped with strategically placed and sized suction holes, the Dust Halo offers an impressive 360-degree suction capability. This cutting-edge design ensures unparalleled performance, efficiently capturing dust particles and debris.

  3. **Reusability:** Sustainability meets practicality with the Dust Halo's 2-piece design. After each use, you can easily disassemble and clean it, readying it for multiple applications.

  4. **Integrated Design:** The thoughtfully integrated design of the Dust Halo includes 2 vacuum port nozzles. These nozzles are built right into the unit, providing a seamless connection for the two most common sizes of vacuum hoses. No more hassle with adapters or fittings.

  5. **Suction Control:** One of the most impressive features of the Universal Dual Port Dust Halo is its dynamic suction control, offering three distinct usage options to cater to your specific needs:

    1. **Option 1:** Connect a single vacuum to one port for standard suction. Ideal for less demanding scenarios where moderate dust release is expected.

    2. **Option 2:** Utilize a hose splitter to connect one vacuum to both ports. This setup enhances suction strength, tackling situations with higher dust production.

    3. **Option 3:** For heavy-duty applications, hook up two vacuums – one to each port. This configuration maximizes suction power, effectively handling scenarios involving significant dust dispersion.

    Each variation in suction control allows you to tailor the Dust Halo's performance to match the level of dust release associated with different types of mortar.

  6. **Safety and Containment:** The Universal Dual Port Dust Halo goes the extra mile by accommodating a standard big-box store lid on top. This simple yet effective feature helps prevent premature flashing in certain products and contains volatile organic compounds, enhancing overall job site safety and cleanliness.

  7. **Eco-Friendly Construction:** Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, the Dust Halo is made with recyclable PP (polypropylene). By using environmentally conscious materials, this innovation contributes to the ongoing efforts to keep our world clean and reduce plastic waste.