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The Rolled Goods Manipulator (RGM), is a forklift assistance tool capable of handling, lifting, and manipulating heavy rolled materials such as commercial sheet Vinyl, Rubber, Composites, Plastics, Adhesives, Carpet, Films, Textiles and other similar products from a horizontal to a vertical position and vice-versa.

Purpose & Benefits

  • Provides users with a forklift attachment designed to easily handle heavy, rolled materials.
  • Allows heavy rolled goods to be picked up, moved, and placed in an upright position for storage with ease.
  • Utilizes an elongated rod with a locking mechanism used to firmly secure the rod in a desired position to easily transport the rolled product.
  • Improves warehouse safety and ensures rolled items can be independently and safely moved, limiting injury risk and improving both productivity and employee morale.
  • The RGM forklift attachment tool saves time, resources and injuries from physical lifting, while increasing productivity in the warehouse or on the job site.

The RGM is offered in 5 models and a Storage System

RGM-750 For 2 meter goods / 750lb Capacity.
RGM-900 For 2 meter goods / 900lb Capacityt.
RGM-SO 900 (In Cab Release) For 2 meter goods / 900lb Capacity
RGM COMBO for goods up to 12' / 1800lbs.
RGM-SO Combo (In Cab Release) For goods up to 12' / 1,800lb Capacity
RGM-SS (Storage System) for off the floor storage for all RGM models

RGM Specifications

The RGM COMBO will be the natural replacement for the traditional CARPET POLE or RUG RAM as it is a 2 in 1 device that will move carpet and other goods up to 12' long while allowing you to manipulate any of those goods into a vertical position. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

Originally designed for the flooring industry, this forklift attachment tool will benefit many other industries such as composites, paper, roofing, electrical, textiles and any industry that moves and stores heavy rolled items.

Problem Solved

Storing and transporting heavy rolled items such as a commercial sheet vinyl or rubber can be difficult. The rolled item is usually moved around the warehouse manually with dollies or by a stationary carpet pole which can only move the item while in a horizontal position. This process is not an efficient or cost effective way to move such items. The RGM solves this problem by allowing the goods to be moved, manipulated and stored without touching the material.

NEW: The RGM Storage System

All RGM Models be stored up off the floor, with the RGM Storage System. Until now, the traditional carpet pole was always in the way. At approximately 350lbs, the pole was not easy to move. It would take two people to push it aside to get around it. Thanks to the RGM Storage System, your RGM can easily be stored up and out of the way in your current pallet racking system. Designed for 42" and 48" racking systems, the adjustable RGM braces can quickly and easily be set to your pallet rack size. The brackets lock in place so that your RGM stays safe and secure in the storage system, while allowing fast and easy access to remove it for use, or to return it to its home base for storage.

See The RGM Storage System


RGM - Beno J. Gundlach Company Agreement

Performance Warehouse Solutions, Inc and The Beno J Gundlach Company entered into a License Agreement in March of 2020. The RGM and accessories will be manufactured and marketed by the Gundlach Company. Gundlach is located at 211 N 21st St, Belleville, IL 62222 and will ship the RGM and accessories world wide. Gundlach was established in 1927 in the asphalt shingle segment of construction and invented the first shingle cutter. In 1930, that technology was transferred into the flooring industry, as flooring tiles were also made of asphalt. So it was natural to provide the flooring industry their first floor cutters. From there the company grew into one of the largest providers of Flooring tools in the world. With more than 3,000 point of sale locations in the US and over seas, the RGM will make its way into the market all over the world.
More information available at The Beno J. Gundlach Company

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Rolled Goods Manipulator (RGM*)

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